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Finds from the 21st century AD


Contemporary sculptures already eroded by a time not lived, are the archaeological works "Reperti del XXI sec a.C." by Simona Ragazzi.

Rediscovered, restored and cataloged as evidence of a consumerism lived too quickly and of an indivisible dialogue between the artistic culture of the past and the present. The works show fragments and stories of people who become a mirroring narration and daily quotation of today, through which the artist analyzes some archetypes of our globalized civilization. The "finds" suggest attention and "love" for life: in particular those directly connected to the daily dimension such as "girl's head" or "scribe" heir to the millennial Mediterranean tradition that has roots in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

These works of art by Simona Ragazzi are the mirror of a great vital and creative force. Made of different materials, from terracotta to bronze, they contain a language rich in explicit iconographic quotations. The Bolognese artist has developed an important work of semiotic research on current art and culture. In fact, the works created weave a direct line with contemporary figurative codes and archaic cultural elements, reflecting on the relationship between the present, past and future and providing new suggestions, readings and narratives.

Hence the Archaeological works of Ragazzi reveal a high conceptual and communicative profile, which intertwine the dimensions of time and space with sensitivity and irony.