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Build for love


Man has always been able to build the "best things" through the inexhaustible driving force of love. Love understood with the most courtly term of its meaning that has pushed the single person, the family, the crowd to transform the physical inconsistency of a feeling into something tangible and constructively concrete through the solidity of the brick.
And here the artistic inspiration of the 99 Love Bricks by the artist Simona Ragazzi is born, always stimulated by man, by his soul, by his shapes and by his abilities.
A one-year project that will lead the artist to create 99 works that stand out in their uniqueness thanks to the "experience" that these bricks will undergo during their temporal creation. He was invited to physically intervene on the individual works, leaving a personal significant and subjective contribution.


An artistic project that involves multiple aspects and transcends the singularity of the work both in its physical development and in the subsequent site-specific installations that the bricks will assume. during the realization and also after the achievement of the prefixed number.


It is a strong and precise message that the artist wants to promote through his 99 Love Bricks: building through affection and sharing experience.

The symbolic quotations are explicit: starting from the brick, an archetypal constructive element in every era with homo sapiens, each identified with the depiction of a kiss between two people, an iconographic representation of the solidity of feeling. All this is connected to the graffiti that can be that of primitive man, up to the implicit Twomblian citation, or rather from the external gesture/intervention not bound to anything, which depicts the artistic moment free from any constraint. The subsequent social - performative intervention on the work allows us to identify its contemporaneity.


A patient and programmed work that contemplates not only a one-year time development for the realization but another year for sharing the artistic conceptual message through the site-specific installations that the artist will create throughout 2018 in public places and private individuals to then conclude in the fragmentation of the work in 2019 so that each brick is an objective tangible testimony in the world of all the artistic and conceptual thought that Ragazzi wanted to represent with this specific project.
These 99 Love Bricks stand out as a group of works that represent those absolute steps of artistic maturity that have always identified the artist Simona Ragazzi in her work, revealing a high conceptual and communicative profile, which intertwine the dimensions of time and space with careful sensitivity space, providing suggestions, readings and new narratives.


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