Simona Ragazzi

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Drawing and painting are the origin of Simona's work.
The work on paper has always been and remains her favorite pictorial technique, but color and painting are constantly very present also on the artist's sculptural and photographic works.

It is no coincidence that painting is the "first love" that brings Simona closer to her art, leading her to study art in Bologna and obtaining a diploma in pictorial disciplines.

She is an eclectic artist over time she continues to experiment with different techniques and languages, bringing her from a figuration, at times, almost hyper-realistic to moments of extreme informal pictoriality.
This aesthetic sense of her figuration and color can also be found in her photographic projects: Cathedrals, Woods and Journey; projects that emphasize the spirituality of places and of the moment through transparency, color and sign.

Simona Ragazzi's latest pictorial production sees "fresh" works with a gestural and pictorial sign.
They are works that sometimes need to take shape and matter and therefore also become sculpture.


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