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Sculpture and emotions are the protagonists in this cycle of works by the artist Simona Ragazzi.

Faces, figures perfectly modeled on sheets of clay live, tell their story and interact with the observer revealing that inner and emotional part of man's feelings, where fear, serenity, anger, ecstasy are no longer private emotions of which to be ashamed, but they become the protagonists of an inner and outer beauty such as to become a work of art. "Private notes", "Hurt", are some of the titles of the artist's works, sculptures in which each of us can reflect or identify with. Almost a delicate but also ruthless timeless self-portrait of our emotions, sculptures that reveal how our sensitivity is not at all calculable or suffocable by an evolution or by a cold society in which we often do not find ourselves and which does not give us space or place to live them. An inside and outside of time are the works of Ragazzi. Man is always subject and incessant stimulus and never ceases to tell his story as from the time of the first rock sculptures. Through the cultured hands of an artist like Simona, man never tires of fascinating us by giving us emotions and moments of life.

A reflection on the concept of duality, of an introspective and external dimension, of inclusion or exclusion, openness or boundary of relationships with others... in the continuous search for a dimension in which to find one's balance, where one can experience our IN and OUT .