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Special works

Simona Ragazzi's Atelier, located in Bologna in a nineteenth-century village, was born from her young enthusiasm in 1993 with the intention of recreating an ancient Renaissance workshop where the various professional experiences are made available for collaborations and assistance in the creation of artwork.


So the Atelier Paese dei Balocchi is still today a laboratory not only intended for the creation of Simona's works but it is also a place for cultural exchange and comparison.


In this artistic workshop of Simona Ragazzi over the years, among the excellent collaborations, there are the names of the artists: Maurizio Cattelan, Bertozzi and Casoni, Mirta Carroli, Mirco De Nicolò, Adelfo Galli, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi, Alain Godon, Ali Hassun, Luca Lanzi, Antonello Paladino, Sacha Sosno, Kees Verkade...


Simona Ragazzi's spirit of sharing has allowed the creation of monuments and numerous works that continue to embellish and enrich Italy and the rest of the world.


Below are the images of the public and private monumental works created on site-specific commission by Simona Ragazzi.